Homeless Camp Evictions


Homeless Camp Evictions in California




‘Out of sight …out of mind‘……California officials follow an ineffective policy of extreme brutality… trying to sweep the problem of homelessness under the rug………




….But the homeless are just forced to set up camp somewhere else….and crime is not reduced …. because, if there are law-breakers, they just move to another neighborhood to commit their crimes.”


628x471Clearing homeless camp in San Jose, California (SFGate)

VIDEO: San Jose officials waste tax dollars moving homeless, who have already been relocated from another camp closing. But where will they go now?


VIDEO: Stockton Homeless camp evictions: citizens have no place else to go, after camp clearing in Stockton….


ACW HOMELESS COPS 4Clearing homeless camp in Sacramento, Calfornia (Sacbee.com)

VIDEO: Sacramento Sacramento homeless camp eviction: residents have no place to go…..


Judge rules that Albany can clear homeless camp
November 18, 2013

A federal judge cleared the way Monday for Albany to evict about 60 homeless people from their tents on a waterfront landfill known as the Bulb, saying they had failed to show that the removal would violate their rights.

Judge rules that Albany can clear homeless camp


VIDEO: Redding Redding California Conservation Corp destroying homeless camp


VIDEO: Vallejo Vallejo homeless residents have no place to go, after camp evictions…..


VIDEO: Cathedral City Cathedral City homeless camp evictions


Placerville homeless ‘Haven’ closes in response to neighbor complaints
The Sacramento Bee
November 30, 2013

After just more than 16 months, Hangtown Haven, a self-governing tent city of homeless residents grappling with mental illness, alcoholism and other life issues, is closing. Its demise will end a novel attempt by a small Sierra foothills community to address a major societal challenge.

Placerville homeless camp closes


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAClosing homeless camp in Fresno, California (Indy.org)

VIDEO: Fresno City of Fresno sweeps second homeless camp


Homeless Evicted From California Tent City

The Huffington Post

In Visalia, Calif., hundreds of homeless people will be pushed out of a tent city by the local government in November…..

Homeless Eviction From California Tent City


Hundreds of homeless forcibly evicted from Southern California refuge
The World Socialist Website
7 April 2008

Dozens of police and state officials descended on the Ontario, California homeless encampment known as “tent city” on March 17 under the pretext of reducing crime and stopping the spread of disease. Approximately 200 residents living at the encampment were forcibly removed.

homeless forcibly evicted from camp


JohnS “….As so often happens, homeless individuals and families evicted from dozens of homeless camps in Bakersfield, are now forced to find new locations to set up camp…..”


More homeless camps evicted from public property

Kern Golden Empire.com

BAKERSFIELD, CA – Dozens of homeless camps along the Kern River were removed last month, in an effort to clean up the city.

But the City of Bakersfield is now facing a new problem, a shift in where the homeless call home.

More homeless camps evicted


Homeless Evicted From South Lake Tahoe Camp

Nov 15, 2008

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. (AP) — Police have evicted homeless people from a makeshift camp in South Lake Tahoe following complaints from the public and a stabbing.

Homeless Evicted From South Lake Tahoe Camp


10News: Homeless evicted from riverbed camp

U-T San Diego
Nov. 15, 2011

San Diego police said they were first notified of the encampment three weeks ago. Police told 10News they first issued a warning to 12 people living in about six different areas of the encampment, which is located about a hundred yards behind a Budget Truck Rental office.

Two weeks ago, police returned to the property and cited six people who were still living on the property. They were warned again to leave or they would be arrested.

Homeless evicted from riverbed camp


VIDEO: Yuba City Police in Yuba City have served eviction notices to over 100 homeless people who live along the Feather River as the city moves forward with building a park there.


VIDEO: Ventura
Clearing Homeless Camp in City of Ventura


Authorities Begin Shutting Down Homeless Camp in Indio

Mar 19, 2012

“I am feeling a lot of pain because I don’t know where I’m going to go. I don’t know where they are going to go, this is too hard,” said Davis.

Shutting Down Homeless Camp in Indio


Deputies clear homeless camp along St. Johns River

Visalia Times-Delta
Jan. 29, 2010

“I have no idea where I am going to go,” Whited said as he packed the stakes and poles for his tent and rolled up his sleeping bag. “If I had a place to go all this time, I certainly wouldn’t be here.”

Deputies clear homeless camp


Homeless camp raided


California Highway Patrol police, San Francisco police, Cal Trans workers, Department of Public Works, and workers from the mayor’s Homeless Outreach Team descended today on an encampment on Fourth and King.

Homeless camp raided


Walnut Creek Prepares To Uproot Its Homeless Camps

News 24/680
12 November 2013

What has grown into a major encampment under the S. California Street bridge near Trader Joe’s is scheduled to be cleared by police today, Tuesday.

Walnut Creek Prepares Evictions of Its Homeless Camps


Homeless rousted from their camps near Hollywood Bowl
Los Angeles Times
April 6, 2012

Jay, a homeless man sleeping near a 101 Freeway onramp in Hollywood, awoke to the voices of police Friday morning.
Homeless evictions from their camps


VIDEO: Walmart Homeless poor evictions from WalMart parking lot


VIDEO: Fullerton Fullerton homeless camp evictions: “They want these people to move…but there is nowhere to go!”


VIDEO: Ventura River Eviction Day is a short documentary about the homeless encampments that have been a mainstay along the Ventura River in California for almost a century……… There is essentially no plan ready for these people once they get kicked out – we wanted to know where they can go, if anywhere.


Homeless being evicted from makeshift shelter in Oceanside church
ABC10 News

“……the church is not zoned for a shelter. Inspectors with the city of Oceanside found several violations, including fire suppression and exits…..”

Homeless being evicted


Homeless evicted from ‘tent city’
The Sentinel
April 21, 2012

“HANFORD — Hanford police officers took action earlier this week to clear out a homeless encampment in the field north of Adventure Park.”

Homeless evicted from ‘tent city’


Homeless camp eviction planned in Salinas

“Salinas – On Thursday, January 31st, the city is planning on evicting everyone from properties along Soledad Street.”

Homeless camp eviction planned in Salinas


VIDEO: Vallejo Felton and Salinas homeless residents have no place to go, after camp evictions…..

RIVERSIDE: After warning, illegal homeless encampments flattened
The Press-Enterprise
April 12, 2012

Riverside city crews flattened encampments Thursday near the Santa Ana River in Fairmount Park, two weeks after giving the homeless people there 14 days to move out.

homeless encampments flattened


JohnS Michael Esswein: ‘Part of the problem is that we have a lack of activism…. we have a lack of people who are willing to step forward and be part of the solution’…..


Homeless banned from camping in Anaheim
Orange County Register
Oct. 22, 2013

Those setting up camp in Anaheim will be fined $100 for a first offense, $200 for a second offense committed within a year and $500 for each subsequent violation within a year.

“When homeless people get citations they cannot pay for, they go to jails that are already crowded,” said Jennifer Lee-Anderson, co-chairwoman of the task force.

“It does not solve the homeless problem; it only shifts the deck chairs around the Titanic,” Lee-Anderson said. “The only solution is a year-round emergency shelter.”

Homeless banned from camping in Anaheim


JohnS “The question should not be: should we allow people to sleep on the streets? The question must be: how do we provide people housing, services, and shelter so no one has cause to sleep on the street?”


Venice’s Own ‘Skid Rose’ Homeless Camp at 3rd Slowly Being Flushed by City Officials
LA Weekly
May 3 2012

“The question should not be: should we allow people to sleep on the streets? The question must be: how do we provide people housing, services, and shelter so no one has cause to sleep on the street?”

Homeless Camp Slowly Being Flushed


Large Watsonville homeless campsite cleared before Thanksgiving
Nov 27, 2013

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department conducted an extensive homeless campsite sweep in Watsonville the day before Thanksgiving.

“We’ve got five campsites, and we’re trying to cleanup before the rains come,” Sheriff’s Sgt. Alan Burt said.

Watsonville homeless campsite cleared


No ticket, no sitting at L.A.’s Union Station:
County launches program meant to keep homeless from camping out

Los Angeles Times
December 22, 2013

Last summer, an average of 135 homeless people a night were gathering inside the terminal, commandeering bathrooms, sprawling across seats and intimidating customers with aggressive panhandling, MTA officials said.

“The problem is that the city has nowhere for the homeless to go,”

no sitting at L.A.’s Union Station


Upland gets court order to remove homeless from encampment

Upland received a court order on Jan. 9, allowing city officials to give a 72-hour notice to remove the group and their belongings from the private property in the 2100 block of 11th Street. City officials said the camp has grown to more than 100 people.

“The city of Upland has it in for the homeless,” Stevens said. “It’s like they are trying to make it illegal for us to be homeless, they want us out of the streets,”

Upland gets court order to remove homeless from encampment



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